Site Context

The site comprises land known as ‘Upper Callerton’ and is made up of around 97ha of land on the north western edge of Newcastle upon Tyne which is in agricultural use having been reclaimed following open cast mining. The site is bounded by the A696 to the north and east, Hareydene housing estate, Whorlton Grange golf course to the south and by agricultural land to the west. The site is triangular in shape although it includes a spur in an east-west direction on the western side.

The site is mainly made up of arable land and grassland fields, and also contains areas of woodland, scrub and hedgerows consistent with typical agricultural field boundaries.


A high voltage electricity line runs across the southern part of the site in a south west - north east direction and a pole mounted electricity line runs in a general east west direction in the southern part of the site.

The Harey Dene watercourse runs in a north east - south west direction in the eastern part of the site, which also forms part of a wildlife corridor. The Whorlton Burn watercourse runs in an east west direction in the northern part of the site and flows into the Ouseburn watercourse, which abuts the northern boundary of the site. There are a number of redundant mine shafts located throughout the site.


Opportunities to provide biodiversity net gain utilising existing woodland.


Opportunity to provide a range of facilities and local services to benefit the existing and proposed communities including education facilities and play space.


Provision of a wide range of housing including affordable homes, starter homes and family homes

Constraints Anlysis Plan

Constraints Analysis Plan
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