Site Allocation

The majority of the site is allocated for residential led development by Policy NN1 (Lower, Middle and Upper Callerton) of the Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan (‘CSUCP’) as part of the Callerton Neighbourhood Growth Area (‘NGA’), which comprises three distinct but strategically linked areas. The NGA is expected to deliver around 3,000 homes, with the Upper Callerton site allocation anticipated to deliver the final part of this. 

The Callerton Masterplan and Design Code was published by Newcastle City Council in 2016 and provides an overarching approach of how the Callerton area will be delivered in a co-ordinated way. It is underpinned by evidence regarding the baseline position of the sites, policy analysis and the identified constraints and opportunities.


It provides concept framework plans which identify the key land uses, green and blue infrastructure, movement within and between the sites and existing communities, relevant heritage assets, key landscape features, urban design principles and character areas.


Comprehensive Masterplan
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