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Engagement and Progression to Date

The Consortium has undergone a series of engagement exercises and evolved the design to reach this stage.

A programme of engagement with local stakeholders has been undertaken, with meetings and focus groups being held with local community groups, youth groups, residents associations and local Councillors. These discussions have fed into the design process and the evolution of the masterplan to date. The below Masterplan was initially presented to consultees.

Concept to provide design evolution drawings with annotations prepared by Lichfields indicating changes (emphasis on those requested through consultation to date) 

Engagement Masterplan

Engagement Masterplan
Click on the above image to view a larger version

20210706 Engagement Masterplan CPT-306-MP-01-1A KEY.png

Design Progression

‘Following this initial engagement a number of changes have been made to the Masterplan including:


  • Retention of a key hedgerow of local value, known as the ‘butterfly hedge’

  • Re-alignment of the spine road to avoid groups of trees

  • Re-arrangement of allotments onto a single site to allow facilities to be accessed easily

  • Provision of a second vehicle access onto Hareydene to improve connections with Westerhope

Our initial engagement also highlighted to us a range of things that local people will want to see in the detailed design, which we will consider further as we progress with the detail of the scheme.


These include:


  • The provision of play features suitable for older teenagers such as trim trails and BMX features

  • Consideration of traffic calming measures to ‘self-enforce’ a 20MPH speed limit

  • Potential to allocate some allotments for youth groups’ use

  • Inclusion of street trees in the detailed design

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